About Us

Our founder story

We are Engineers and smoothie lovers at heart. We decided to leverage our skill set to provide access to healthy nutrition to anyone, anywhere, inspired by our personal stories:
Morgan's is about health. He reduced his high cholesterol from 171 to 117 by only drinking smoothies and thus avoided taking medicine until the rest of his life. His doctors were blown away.
Pascal's is about happiness when he started making a smoothie every morning for breakfast. He wanted to share the happiness he experienced with more people.
Since we joined forces in 2018, we perfectly complement each other and are on a mission to make people happier and healthier while having a positive impact on our world! We want to create more than 100 million moments of happiness, as we like to call each time a smoodi is consumed, in the next 5 years.

"Seeing the impact we have on our customers drives us every day. Particularly kids are fascinated by our technology and chose the healthy drink over the chocolate bar. We love watching the reactions of our consumers as they use our machine, try one of our smoothies, and walk away with a smile. It's incredibly rewarding to hear our consumers say “wow, I feel so good now!” or “this smoothie made my day!” and see them come back again and again. We have a unique opportunity to help others build healthy habits and make a real difference in this world!"

Pascal, Co-Founder and CEO